Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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New Book on Artist
"Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter: A Life" by Patricia Albers explores the life of a successful woman artist before there were many women artists.  Joan decided at the age of 12 to become an artist.  When she died in 1992 at the age of 67, her paintings sold for millions. 
What an interesting life!  Dish the dirt, Darling.  She was a life long alcoholic, a nasty drunk, habitually brawling with lovers and suffering physical abuse in the process (showed up black and blue after such episodes).  She was reckless, promiscuous and self-destructive.  She wanted children yet had several abortions because she believed she couldn't do both paint and be a mother.  Did she have an affair with DeKooning?  Jackson Pollack?  Wow~I can't wait to read this book to find out! 
BTW: Her work is really, really good!
More and more artists are using trash not just as a material but also as a subject.  Just look at what we throw away!  In many cities apparently people are dumpster diving to find great treasures but it's not enough.  Most of it goes to waste.  We could use things longer, not buy new stuff and make art. 
"Recently, there has been a radical shift in our consciousness of trash, with artists now using obsolete things not just as materials but also as content—turning them into landscape, still life, and other artistic genres. This awareness informs the work of artists like Sarah Sze, Mike Nelson, Christoph B├╝chel, Marjetica Potrc, El Anatsui, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Kristen Morgin."
(quote by Kim Levin ArtNews) 
drawing by charlotte rossmann

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