Sunday, November 21, 2010

More on David Hockney

Above: David Hockney's Digital iPad creations that I snagged off the internet.
Anything new is instaneous.  I just googled David Hockney's iPad images and there is a ton of info on it. 
Please scroll down for more on Hockney and iPad art.

David Hockney and the iPad

David Hockney who is the current rock star of the art world has a new line of work.  It's totally digital, done on his iPad.  He sends his new creations to 30 or 40 of his relatives and friends. (David, my email address is:

Back in 2008 Hockney started experimenting with his iPhone and using only his right thumb began this new series of images.  He started early in the morning while still in bed capturing dawn as it broke over the horizon.  Throughout the day he continued to practice and a favorite was fresh flowers, imaginary or real.  Anything enhanced by light was most effective because light is the media of digital transmissions. 

In 2010 Hockney moved on to the iPad.  He found this a little more challenging because it's larger and mistakes are visible.  Now, he has quite a collection of these images.  He estimates there are more than 1,000 to date. 
"He is thrilled that the art establishment-a confederation he sometimes calls the I.C.S. (International Crooks and Swindlers)-will have a hard time figuring out how to convert this oeuvre into cash." *

This year the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, in Paris will be showing these works in an exhibit on iPhone and iPad screens.  New images will be constantly streamed by by Hockney on a regular basis.  He calls this exhibit "Fleurs Fraiches" (Fresh Flowers). "the art is subversive", says Berge, but "creation is subersive-always!"*

I have not had experience with either the iPhone or iPad since I'm at the level of food and shelter, not expensive digital media.  However, my daughter sent me a beautiful line drawing that she created on her iPhone (below).

*Vanity Fair Magazine, page184, Nov. 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red Grooms

I remember seeing an exhibit by the artist Red Grooms at the Denver Art Museum many years ago.  It was a fun art show.  I suspect excitement is a quality quite common to the exhibits of this artist.  Red Grooms provides a complete experience in his exhibitions.  I felt like I was involved in the process of creating the art as I toured the exhibit.  His work reminds me of the immediacy of a funky, alternative exhibit except the quality of work is more professional and cohesive.
Grooms is a pop artist and he studied under the artist, Hans Hoffman.  He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

This is one of Red Grooms' sculptures.  This artist creates powerfully dynamic and original artwork.