Saturday, August 7, 2010

Andy Warhol's Shoes!

Andy Warhol's Shoes
I'm crazy about these shoes! I found a whole collection on MOMA website:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Interesting article on Gorky

I just pulled this article from online listed below:
"Arshile Gorky was one of a generation of artists in 1930s New York who were fed by Roosevelt's New Deal while they studied the works of the European modern movement in Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art. By the 1940s, these painters were opening themselves to a Jungian unconscious of mythic forms; by around 1950, they were becoming famous for abstract, wall-filling visions of sublime mystery.

But by the time Jackson Pollock and the other abstract expressionists broke the ice, Gorky was dead. He killed himself in 1948, with his painting still in the movement's intermediate phase of development, not yet purely abstract; his tearpools of paintings swim with psychic metaphors and spectral shapes, shards of figures, washes of landscape".
Online Source of quote and photo:

I didn't realize that Gorky killed himself.  Whereas, I have admired his work, I do not know much about this artist. His work is interesting and moody.  Just the kind of art that I love!
Mythic forms ... Arshile Gorky's Garden in Sochi Motif (1942). Photograph: Arshile Gorky Estate/Belvedere Asset Management