Monday, June 4, 2012

What is Anamorphic Perspective?

A style of anamorphic art is often called "Slant Art."
"Examples are the sidewalk chalk paintings of Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever where the chalk painting, the pavement and the architectural surroundings all become part of an illusion. Art of this style can be produced by taking a photograph of an object or setting at a sharp angle, then putting a grid over the photo, another, elongated grid on the footpath based on a specific perspective, and reproducing exactly the contents of one into the other, one square at a time."

Anamorphic perspective dates from the early Renaissance.  Kurt Wenner believed that the techniques of the perspective drawing by the art masters of 1500's had been lost through the years and Wenner went to Italy searching through ancient manuscripts and documents to rediscover these techniques.  In his artwork Wenner has learned to use these techniques to create an illusion of great space when none exists.  It's a remarkable style of art.