Monday, January 15, 2018

Damien Hirst and His Unfortunate, Unbelievable Hoax

Recently, I watched a Netflix "documentary" on the recovery of an ancient shipwreck, "Unbelievable", that had been retrieved by an artist named Damien Hirst.  I watched over several days, knowing nothing about the film or Damien Hirst.  

The story line: a freed 1st-century slave named Cif Amotan II amassed a fortune, built an incredible collection of art and artifacts, and then lost it all when the ship ferrying it—with the Greek name Apistos, or Unbelievable, hence the show’s name: “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”—to a private museum sank under the sea. "(

Once they started bringing up the sculptures, a few things seemed out of whack.  The work was odd, not fitting into any art history period. The "so called" experts didn't seem to know much. The features on the sculptures looked too modern and the placement on the ocean floor was suspect.  As the film went on, it got even more ridiculous.  There was a figure that looked like a transformer and the last straw was Mickey Mouse!     

The exhibit got scathing reviews.   "Damien Hirst’s doubleheader in Venice is undoubtedly one of the worst exhibitions of contemporary art staged in the past decade. It is devoid of ideas, aesthetically bland, and ultimately snooze-inducing—which, one has to concede, is a kind of achievement for a show with work that has taken ten years and untold millions of dollars to create."  (Art News 08/05/2017)

Since this sculpture of Mickey Mouse was part of the supposed loot from the fictitious shipwreck. I have no reasonable explanation of why he spent so much money on the film and the so called hoax.

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