Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jackson Pollock, Action Painting

Above: Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner in their studio.  It shows Jackson in process of creating an Action Painting.  Supposedly, there is a science in his work, just how perfectly he threw the paint.  I have seen many "knock-offs" and most of them fall short.  Still, are the paintings worth hundreds of millions of dollars?  I guess that depends.  I like Pollock's work but not at that price.  So, I would say, "no".
There is a famous story about a woman truck driver who bought a painting at a thrift store in California for $5 that many people thought was a Pollock.  If true, then it's worth a fortune.  If not, it's worth $5. 
When this woman bought the painting she didn't know who Jackson Pollock was and at one point she was going to use the painting for target practice.  Since the painting was not signed it could not be proven to be a Pollock.   The story was made into a movie called "Who the *$&% is Jackson Pollock?".  The film advertises that it makes a joke out of Art Snobs.  To me, it makes a joke out of everyone in the movie. 
The woman bought the painting for $5 but turned down an offer of $9 million for it!   Last I heard she was holding out for $50 million.  
In my opinion, there's no justification for for that kind of stupidity.  She bought the painting for $5, was going to use it for target practice or give it away and now she won't sell it for $9 million because the "art snobs" have convinced her a Pollock is worth more than that?  Dumb and Dumber might be a better title for the film.

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