Monday, August 31, 2009

Bold, Bright and Beautiful: Chicano Art

Oil Painting on Canvas by Charlotte Rossmann, Cityscape

A great number of years ago I saw an exhibit at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Co.  It was Chicano art.  This was the first time I had ever seen art that was specifically "Chicano Art" but I loved it.  The colors were bold, bright and beautiful.  The images were of daily things, cars, religious images and city scenes.   One artwork was a sculpture with an actual cut up car in it.  From that moment on I've been a huge fan of Chicano art.  What I really like about it is that it's a combination of another culture and yet, it is still American.  It's how this country melts cultures into a force that has vitality and energy.  Chicano art is vivid, real and intense.  Each artist has his/her own vision and yet, by the culture and by the bold colors it becomes part of the larger group identity. 
Cheech Marin has brought Chicano art to the art world by showing many of the artists in displays and in books.  I have one book that Cheech Marin assembled and it's called "Chicano Visions, American Painters on the Verge".  I highly recommend the book.

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  1. Hi Charlotte
    I don't know anything about Chicano art but I'm suspecting it might be linked with Mexican art, Frida Kahlo etc?
    Bold, bright and beautiful describes your art perfectly anyway.
    Linda x

  2. I believe you can be a honorary Chicano artist...

    Viva Chicana!!