Monday, July 20, 2009

David Hockney, a favorite artist!

This painting is one of my New Mexico paintings . I love the area around Santa Fe and feel inspired when I go down there. I like to do abstracted landscapes of specific areas I have visited.
David Hockney is an artist who felt inspired in the same way when he went to California. He was originally from England but lives in California now. He liked the light and the lifestyle of southern California. In fact, my favorite paintings of his are those he did of the Los Angeles area. He uses a lot of patterns, abstract ideas and bright colors. Some of his work is realistic but I like his abstractions the best.
Here's a link to his website for more information:


  1. Charlotte...I adore your color!! Love this series and Hockney. Wonderful how we get an art history lesson along with your work!

  2. Fantastic artwork again, Charlotte! Also David's work is very beautiful! I love the use of bold colors, you both have a great style!